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UGISA Brief History

UGISA started as one person’s dream — and to make it a successful reality, a team of capable, dedicated professionals were recruited. UGISA has assembled a team of qualified athletes and professionals who’s goal is to create positive change in people’s lives. The organization will be employing people that are qualified in sports related disciplines. UGISA was created in the spirit of family, seeking to assist families improve or add onto their God given talents. Our vision is global! We want to make a positive impact in our world through sports. Our administration and implementation of diversified sports programs such as volleyball, basketball, soccer (football), cricket, boxing, badminton, golf, netball, hockey, rugby and many other sports programs are designed to bridge the world together. We know that the economic and financial demands placed on a family in today’s environment will challenge us as a business, but it will also create business opportunities. It is through these opportunities that UGISA plans to nurture the confidence and mental strength of our youngsters through positive motivation that teaches patience and perseverance. We will be working with all groups of people at all levels and our main target everyone that is interested in making a change in their sports life.

How Long We Have Been In Existence

UGISA has been in the making for as long as we started playing and participating in sports. But we recently formalized the dream in 2004, and now it has been put into reality. The Organisation will officially be launched in a few months to come but our programmes have already commenced where by we have already started with soccer (football), basketball and very soon crickets and other sports categories will come in as soon as we get qualified athletes to handle them.

Future Goals

In the future we are looking at setting up a sports institute that will offer: degrees, diplomas and certificates in sports management.

Target Population

We are involved in helping train people to improve on their God given talents and also assist them in realizing the dream of their lifetime. Our target group ranges from 5 years to the oldest person that is medically fit and needs to keep in shape. It is our goal to see that everyone gets the opportunity to prove themselves out.

Regional Offices

We are proud to inform you that we will be operating in all the five regions of the country and our Northern Uganda offices have been officially opened.


UGISA’s country offices in Uganda are located in Gulu; with our main headquarters in the USA — connecting the organization to the entire world.