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John Lema

UGISA was founded by John B. Lema. John has always had a dream to help promote the talent of the young and old with the aim of helping them know how they are misusing or straying away from the gifts that they do have.

“I have been a sportsman all my life, and am still involved in sports administration in different disciplines. I thought that maybe one day I would try to share these gifts with those that would like to improve on what they do have. But it came to pass that I have finally made the dream come true by the help of God.”

John was born in Uganda in a small town called Lugazi in Mukono District, about 21 miles away from Uganda’s capital, Kampala on the 17th of December 1972 to Mr. And Mrs. Cornelius and Dorothy Odonga (of Maracha County, Arua District).

John is a Banker by Profession and also an International Basketball Referee with The Federation of International Basketball(FIBA). He is also the President and CEO of The Children of the World International, an NGO aimed at helping the disadvantaged acquire the dreams of their lives.